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Dress for success. Be relevant and relatable. Adapt to change. Better yet, lead change. Be what your customers want and where they want it. Surprise. Delight. Deliver.

If it’s true that you have 5 (count ‘em, just FIVE) seconds to make a great first impression, then imagine arriving to a pitch or an interview introduction unprepared, not knowing what you were going to say or wear.

Before you think these are job search tips, think again. These are measures of standout creative design and are guideposts for building a brand. They are the difference between engaging your revenue customer and not closing the deal.

At KW Design, we help you to anticipate the tools your business needs to stand out in today’s mobile economy, where it matters less where you are and more how you connect with customers online and in person. 

We are a click and a “tweet” away from a conversation… so if you’re looking to amp up your website, refresh your logo or create compelling customer literature, let’s chat.